Ultimate Office Solutions at Edgecliff is located on level 5 in the Edgecliff Business Centre on New South Head Road. The Edgecliff Business Centre is located conveniently over the rail station and bus depot and features an on-site shopping precinct with parking.

Our Advantages

01. Correct Sized Offices
Boardrooms and serviced offices for rent in Sydney, Eastern Suburbs.Edgecliff Serviced Offices contains single offices and suites ranging in size from approximately 10 to 50 square metres (110 to 540 sq.ft.). You pay only for the office space you need – no wasted corridors, reception areas, kitchens, meeting rooms etc., because these are shared. Our serviced offices overcome the shortage of small offices in modern buildings, caused by the fact that it is just not economical for landlords to sub-divide into very small areas.
02. No Long-Term Commitment
You can lease one of our serviced offices for just six months (even shorter, at premium rates). Compare with the minimum term of three years that most landlords require. Particularly useful for a new business venture that may or may not succeed.
03. Flexibility Of Size
Boardrooms for rent in Sydney, Eastern Suburbs.Because your lease commitment is so short, you can easily move to a larger or smaller office within the centre, as your needs change. A temporary surge in business can be accommodated immediately, perhaps in the room next door or along the corridor. Contrast this with having to take extra space in another building “around the corner”, if you can find it.
04. Save On Staff
You will not need to employ a receptionist or a secretary, and you will not need to waste your precious time on hiring these people, or other legal problems associated with leasing office premises. Our receptionists are at the front desk all the time, to greet your visitors and answer your telephone in your name while you are out. The cost is included in our rental package. Our staff are available by the hour, or part thereof, for secretarial, administrative or clerical work.
05. Save On Partitioning, Furniture And Equipment
No need for you to outlay thousands of dollars to set up your office – we have single offices and suites already divided into 2, 3 or 4 separate rooms, with furniture in place, waiting for you to start work at your desk. Fast broadband internet access, Photocopiers, word processors, facsimiles, computers, printers etc., are all waiting to be used.
06. Professional Approach
Fully Serviced Offices for rent in Sydney, Eastern Suburbs.Edgecliff Serviced Offices are designed to give you, your visitors and telephone callers a professional, business-like atmosphere to allow you to concentrate on your work and let us look after the rest.
Our staff are friendly, well trained, and well presented, and very efficient. Contrast this with one of your alternatives – working from home – with a baby or dog for background music, no staff to help you, and a cold telephone answering machine to take messages, when you are out.
07, 8 & 9. Location, location, location!
We chose the Edgecliff Centre in 1979 for one of the first serviced office centres in Australia, primarily because of its brilliant location.

office for rent sydneyEdgecliff is between the Central Business District and the Eastern Suburbs, with easy access from all directions, now even better with the Eastern Distributorand Cross City Tunnel nearby.

Edgecliff Centre is a landmark building, with panoramic views of Sydney, and excellent shopping and banking facilities on the ground floor. Free car parkingfor your visitors and secure parking for tenants at a fraction of city rates are underneath the building. Edgecliff railway station and bus interchange are next door with undercover access from your office. Taxis are usually waiting for you at the rank outside the front door.

Martin Place in the heart of the city is only two stops or 5 minutes by train. The airport is 20 minutes by car or train. Classy boutique shops at Double Bay just down the road. Lovely Paddington terraces and parks just behind the building, for your midday stroll and relaxation.

10. We’ve got the Edge!
You too could have the edge for your business, just contact us by any method you like. (But be warned – homing pigeons will not come home, they like it too much here!)

Our Advantages – they could be your advantages, too!

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